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  • A Message from Duke The Label founder Rhi Duke

    Why I started DTL! I can't begin to explain the feeling of writing this email to you. When I first started DTL I didn't know if it was just a silly passion project of mine at the age of 20, or if it was genuinely going to turn into something bigger than just myself. Now at the age of 25, I can pr... View Post
  • Designing the High Impact Sports Bra

    OMG, ladies! I can't contain my excitement any longer. The moment has finally arrived after over 18 months of relentless sampling and refining—the High Impact Sports Bra is here! Let me tell you, she is an absolute game-changer. Design... View Post
  • 10 Self Care Activities

    Let’s talk self care! In Winter self care can seem especially hard. The days are shorter, motivation levels are lower and we generally feel more run down. All of these things affect our mood, sleep and energy levels which is why it’s even more important that we take some time to indu... View Post
  • Maturing into a woman

    I want so much more, to do so much more. I really never realised how much of an impact the fashion industry and social media really has on us women until about 12 months ago. For context, I had always been a size 8 and super fit. Barely drank and had a cheat meal once a week. Now I drink whenever I bloody like,  View Post
  • Effects of Menstrual Cycle on Exercise Performance

    Menstruation happens to half the population, and enables the continuation of the human race, so it’s time we got comfortable talking about it! Almost 95% of all females report some kind of menstrual cycle-related symptoms and 67% of f... View Post
  • The Training Partner

    Training Partners come in all shapes and sizes as well as levels of expertise and can even be of a different age, sex and yes even animals can count as a training partner. By definition, a training partner is someone that accompanies ... View Post
  • Our Sports Bra Design

    Our Sports Bra/ Crop are the perfect legging for shaping legs (and that booty!) "How much fun is it to fight out of a sports bra or crop after a sweaty session? Any hands? No? Well thats why I designed our 'Support and Compress' sort... View Post