While we appreciate that everyone has an opinion on the very touchy subject of Global Warming and while we are not of a mind to start preaching our own beliefs at anyone. We did think however that as a new company slowly making its way into the world-wide marketplace, that we should point out what we are doing to as we term it “act responsibly”. As we here at Duke The Label are keen to do our bit to hopefully improve the planet in our own small way and failing that to at least not make it any worse.

It’s a sad fact that when it comes to protecting the environment the fashion and clothing industry doesn’t have a particularly good track record or even a reputation for doing the right thing. In fact the fashion industry is currently being branded on “Wikipedia” as the combined second biggest polluter of the environment, with particular reference towards its affect upon the rising levels of air, water and soil pollution it causes. The fashion industry is reckoned to be responsible for around 10% of the worlds current levels of carbon emissions.

Where the whole relationship between pollution and climate change is open to a great deal of debate and conjecture, one thing we can all agree upon is that our current world-wide reliance on single use plastics needs to be drastically decreased. The horrendous video’s coming up on social media showing rivers choked up with the plastic rubbish we so readily discard are enough to turn anyone’s stomach. While on holiday in Bali a couple of years ago, I was put off going surfing due to the floating debris polluting the beaches and the area with otherwise perfect rolling waves I wanted to enjoy.

So, what are we actually doing to make a difference I hear you ask?

  • Well firstly we have minimalised our use of plastics in all our packaging and we’ve gone to the effort of contacting our manufacturers to request they reduce any plastic in their supply and delivery process. We have also encouraged them to source and use recycled paper and cardboard products for their own packaging being sent out to us.


  • Secondly we have gone over to the use of biodegradable bags for all our customer packaging. This means that should our packaging ever end up in the wrong place, then at least it will break down into an environmentally friendly component and not add to the problem. Our suppliers “Hero Packaging” are an Australian Company based in Pymble New South Wales and can be contacted via email on Don’t forget to tell them where you got their information from, (Yes, we like to support other Aussie Companies whenever we can).


  • While it is not a viable alternative to use recycled materials for our active wear products at present (due to their high quality and high-performance requirements), this is something we are looking forward to in the future.


  • Our polybags which your beautiful garments arrive in are made of cornstarch. Completely biodegradable and quite soft to touch.
  • All our cards are made from recyclable cardboard as are all our clothing tags, even the ink used in the printing we are reliably informed is non-toxic.


  • How we attach our clothing tags is by way of a reusable safety pin, which is easily removed without the temptation to bite into a plastic tag or reach for the scissors. So even your dental health will be looked after, much to the disappointment of your dentist whose profits from damaged teeth trying to bite off a plastic tag will obviously be reduced. 


  • On top of all the above actions we’ve taken to reduce our waste products and use of plastic in particular we are a digital office only and barely print.


  • In the future as we grow and look to increase our warehousing and storage facilities we hope to make use of solar power and batteries as they further develop.

So there you are, just a quick look into some of the ethos of our company. Because in our minds, if we are doing our utmost to provide the best activewear clothing for you to choose to empower and make you feel confident, then we also need to be looking after the planet you’ll get to enjoy in that healthy state too.