My absolute favorite workout!

I usually train glutes Monday and Thursday morning's, almost religiously. I find training glutes first day of the week starts me out strong, purely because I never miss a glute day, "building that BOOTY!" That way I'm getting myself back into my early morning routine first day.

Hip Thrust - I always start a glute session off with hip thrusts, this is because I want to lift as much weight and push myself the hardest with the thrusts. I find that if I leave these till last that I will hardly go over 80% max weight. When performing the exercise, I focus on a 1, 3, 2 tempo. Essentially I lift with my glutes for 1, I hold up the top with glutes squeezing as hard as possible for 3, and slowly release down for 2, and then straight back up for 1 and start again with the squeeze. I also like to increase the weight as I go. So I'll usually start with 30kg total (inc the bar), as a warm up. Just to get my form perfect. Then I'l increase to 60kg for my first set of 10-12, and then I'll keep increasing in 5kg lots. So 1st set 60kg | 2nd set 65kg | 3rd set 70kg | 4th set 75kg. If I am feeling overall ambitious I can get it up to 85kg but for only 6-8 reps. It just depends on my energy levels.

Split Squat - I LOVE split squats, they're one of the only glute exercises that I thoroughly enjoy. They're also one of the only ones I don't struggle at all with feeling in my glutes. Sometimes with other glute dominant exercises I struggle with feeling in my glutes, and often I really need to focus on the mind to muscle. When it comes to the weight, I can perform these with a max of 20kg each arm. So I drop it down to 10kg or each 9kg each arm. I won't increase the weight at all, just slow movement up and down to really target those glutes.

Single Leg Dead-Lift - Another favorite glute exercise, however I must concentrate on the movement or I'll hurt my back. I like to increase the weight with these as well. Starting off with 12kg for 2 sets, and then 14kg for my last set.

Sumo Squat - I love a good sumo squat! They really target the outer glute and even down to the top of the hamstrings. I always grab two steps and a dumbbell of at least 20-24kg, I then hold the dumbbell vertically and get as low as possible using the steps as an extra bit of depth for the squat. I love to just finish these quick and efficiently, really trying to exhaust the glutes so that they have absolutely nothing left!

Leg Abduction - Some gyms do have this machine, however if you don't like me, grab yourself a medium resistance hip circle. Seat yourself down on the edge of a bench lean forward keeping your spine neutral, and abduct your legs in a brisk movement, and bring back slowly. A tempo of 1, 1, 2. I do this as a finisher to really just completely exhaust those glutes!


Rhiannon Duke

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