So why did we create a whole NEW way of sizing?

Curve - NOT Large

Personally, I was just sick of looking into clothing labels that labelled women as a large. Men may be happy being large but I feel for women it just comes with a negative body image.

Now you kind of got to imagine me being all sass with the next statement …. "NO DTL WOMAN WILL EVER BE LABELLED LARGE". And it’s true! I was never going to have a woman putting on her leggings and looking at the label to see that the clothes she chooses to dress herself in label her as large.

I want you ladies to feel empowered, beautiful, feminine, and sexy!

So why curve? I wanted a word that didn’t have a negative stigma to it, a word that women would feel empowered by and proud to call themselves that. When describing a woman some words come to mind; beautiful, natural, voluptuous and curvy. I felt curvy was wonderful way to describe a woman who wear a size 14+, rather than large.


But as most women know, our sizing isn’t so straight forward. Women come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. You can be considered a so-called 'large' because of your cup size. You may be an 8 or a 10 around your underbust but with a DD cup size you're then put into the large category. You could also have a big gorgeous tushy that you could have come naturally or you have worked blood, sweat and tears for in the gym but then get considered large again. Such a word with an unfair, negative impact.

Don't get me wrong, some women don't mind it and haven't really thought much about it. Some may even get a little irritated because I'm sitting here writing this whilst I'm as size 8. But I felt that I am in a privileged position to be able to start my own activewear line and pursue my passion and bring my designs to life, and that it's somewhat of a mission for me to start an action to change the way society looks and labels sizing.

So yes, I may not be doing this for me directly, but I'm not going to let that stop me from pursuing this mission to help women and promote healthy body image.

Think about it, how amazing would it be to be rid of the stigma 'large' woman. Personally, I hope that day will come. I like to think this is just one step in the right direction to making this world a little easier for our young girls and women growing up in this very stigmatic world.


So there you have it! We are the only brand with a size chart that labels our women as curvy not large! And I am so proud of that!


I really hope you enjoyed this little piece of content! Please comment below any feedback or DM me.

Have a beautiful night lovelies!


Rhiannon 💗

Written by Rhiannon Duke, Founder & Designer


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