I'm the first to admit that it can be hard to stay disciplined - especially on a Monday morning - but I find that spending the last 3-4 hours before I go to bed meal prepping and laying out my activewear for my morning workout just little things that help me become so much more efficient the following morning. Here is a list of things I always do every Sunday evening to set me up for a productive week!

Change sheets

Meal prep my lunches from Monday to Friday

(This is usually a one pot meal like chilli con carne or a stirfry or a casserole of some kind. Just super quick and easy!)

My meal plan for the week and how long each meal will roughly take to cook

The grocery shopping for the week so I won't need to go to the supermarket at all until the following Saturday or Sunday.

Fold all the clean washing and put away. I do not leave it in the basket or on the table to be done at a later date.

Wash and dry my hair

Have the bins in the bathrooms and kitchen taken out

Journal what 3 things you would like to have done this week + 3 things you would like to stick to


Sunday nights I really do try to leave for just Lane and I; it's our recharging time for the week. Once I have done all the bits I have to do - it's then RhiRhi time. Mostly, it’s a warm shower where I get to wash my hair, put on a face mask and I actually get to moisturise my body for the first time in a week LOL.


Most of us ladies are adults so you don't have a parent telling you to do all the chores prior to the Monday school day and now as our adult lives seem busier we're not always so disciplined for a Sunday night. For me, I try to live by these rules of Sunday night chore night; prepping for the week. I thinks it's really important to plan and prep for the week ahead. So give it a go and try to implement these tasks into your Sunday night and see how you feel waking up to a new week - you may not be so unprepared and getting those Monday blues if you're already ready to tackle the week ahead!

Written by Rhiannon Duke


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