Sticking with the self-care theme today we want to talk about keeping active, getting outside and the importance it plays on your mental health.

When we say keeping active we don’t mean you need to go on a 10km run everyday, lift extremely heavy weights or start training for the next ironman, we simply mean moving your body.

Of course if one of those activities above is a goal you want to set for yourself then you go girl!

There is a ridiculous amount of research out there that proves exercise can improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and negative mindsets. It also improves your sleep quality which is so important for a whole bunch of other reasons. As well as daily exercise, spending time in nature is also really important for your own self care.

Doctors in Canadian provinces are the latest to be prescribing time in nature, rather than medication. Patients are provided with a yearly national park pass and are sent off to immerse themselves in nature. The way that health and wellbeing has changed over the last decade is pretty amazing and it’s only shifting further into this natural area where self care is at the centre.

So even if you simply go out and sit in your garden for 15 minutes a day that truly is an amazing form of self care.

Another thing that’s pretty difficult is keeping motivated (especially in Winter). Whenever you’re feeling a bit unmotivated try to think of the reasons why you are doing this, how is this movement going to make you feel in a couple of hours time? Another great way is to do the exercise you love. If that’s walking with a friend then call them up and organise a time to walk together, if it’s pilates in the sun then make sure you find some time in the day when the sun is out to do that. It’s all small steps but these little things can make a massive difference.

We have created a list of some movement you could do to get started:

  • Stroll around your neighbourhood
  • Swim in the ocean
  • A short yoga class
  • Design your own stretching routine
  • Go on a walk with your bestie
  • Dance around your kitchen to your favourite song
  • Lift some weights

The main takeaway here is that it can be hard to push yourself out of the door sometimes (I know I struggle) but there is so much evidence out there that doing your daily exercise, being in nature and taking care of yourself has a really big impact on who you are as a person and how you are functioning. Just remember it is never selfish to take care of yourself

Written by Lauren Leamon 🌻

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